Code of Conduct

Our company is committed to a sustainability policy which includes respect for universally recognised standards for the environment, human rights, labour, and anti-corruption.

Therefore, we seek to ensure that all our suppliers operate in compliance with the terms and standards of our supplier Code of Conduct.

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to ensure that all suppliers to Safesack Scandinavia AB operates in accordance with internationally recognised minimum standards on human rights, labour and the environment. Safesack Scandinavia AB adheres to the principles of this Code and expects the same of its suppliers.

Compliance to the terms of this Code of Conduct is a condition of any agreement or contract between Safesack Scandinavia AB and supplier.

Below you will find a short overview of Safesack’s code of conduct, for more details, please contact us.

Our code of conduct is covering the following topics:

1.     Forced labour

2.     Child Labour and Young workers

3.     Discrimination

4.     Freedom of Association

5.     Workplace Health and Safety

6.     Environment and Safety Issues

7.     Company products

8.     Corruption and Bribery