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A safe and cost efficient bulk bag used e.g. for chemicals, minerals, cement, salt, lime, food and so on. We can print in different colors & techniques on all your big bags! We tailor in different ways  based on customer requirements and we will be glad to let you have our creative input.


  • Body Construction: Tubular, has no vertical seams on the body.
  • Fabric: Polypropen (PP) circular woven
  • SWL: 500 kg – 2000 kg
  • Safety factor: 5:1 (6:1)
  • Lift Style: One, lifting loop is formed out of body fabric.
  • Top: Open or filling spout
  • Bottom: Flat base, double base, square base or with discharge spout
  • Liner: The bag can be delivered with different liners.
  • Special: Food approved, UN certificate, antistatic protection