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All types of kraft sacks are manufactured according to customer’s requirements. The typical products are industrial multiwall and multi-color print. Bags can be manufactured with 2 to 6 plies and printed with up to 8 colours. In order to protect sack ingredients from humidity, high density polyethylene film or paper laminated with polyethylene may be used in the middle layer.

  • Open mouth, sewn flat and gusseted sacks: used e.g in seed and food sectors.
  • Valved, sewn and gusseted sacks: used in cement industry for heavy carrying conditions. The outer layer is manufactured for polypropylene laminated with polyethylene.
  • Open mouth, pasted and flat sacks: used in food, seed, waste and similar industries.
  • Pasted or sewn, flat sacks with regular or special valves: used in cement, lime, plaster and building chemicals industries with continuous filling facilities.