Delivery terms

Delivery terms and conditions



  1. All offers are submitted without any binding agreements. Binding agreements come into effect for the supplier first after a written order confirmation has been submitted by them.

Delivery time

  1. a) A delivery is deemed to have been made on time if the goods, within the delivery time, are either sent from the supplier or reported as being ready for shipment or inspection. If the client does not timely fulfill their obligations or otherwise delays the process, for example via additions or changes to the order, the supplier is entitled to extend the delivery time by the relevant circumstance’s conditional period, as long as the supplier does not prefer to exercise their right to terminate the agreement.
    b) Late delivery entitles the client to compensation only if a specific written agreement has been reached by forehand.
    c) If force majeure would prevent or delay delivery somehow, the supplier is exempt from all liability and reserves its right to fully or partially terminate the agreement or defer delivery as per the circumstance’s conditional period beyond that period which the agreement defines as delivery time. Force majeure is considered, among other things, labour disputes, military conscription, and every other circumstance which involves prevention from retaining labour such as war, an embargo, blockade, political unrest, and government interventions of various kinds such as seizures, export and import bans, refused licenses from various authorities, fire, water scarcity, flooding and other natural incidents, damage to equipment or other disturbances to production, lack of transport or traffic disturbances via rail, shipping, ports and other traffic hub disruptions, delayed shipping or other means of transport, unforeseeable rejects during production, lost, incorrect or delayed delivery of components, semi-finished goods, raw materials, power, etc. or other circumstance, no matter the nature, which is beyond the supplier’s control and which affects the supplier’s ability to meet its delivery obligations.
    d) If the client fails to accept delivery-finished goods on an agreed date, they are, notwithstanding, liable to make every payment which is dependent on delivery as if the goods in question had been delivered. The supplier shall arrange for storage of the goods at the client’s risk and expense. Upon a request by the client, the supplier, at the client’s expense, shall keep the goods insured.



  1. a) Delivered goods shall successively be paid by the client to the extent that delivery is made. Payment shall be made in a manner and time as specified in the agreement between the parties. If such a provision is missing, payment shall be made within 30 days of the invoice date.
    b) Before delivery, if reasonable grounds arise which lead to it being presumed that the client will not be able to fulfill its payment obligations, the supplier has the right to take out security against this risk. If the security is not deemed as acceptable by the supplier, the supplier reserves the right to terminate the agreement.
    c) Delivered goods remain the property of the supplier until full payment has been received. Acceptance or other context to this effect is not considered as payment until full redemption has occurred.
    d) Upon payment after a due date, the supplier is entitled to interest for late payment which is payable by the client at 8% in addition to the acceptable discount rate set forth by the Swedish Central Bank.

Delivery quality

  1. The supplier reserves the right to over-deliver or under-deliver by up to 10% of the agreed quantity.


  1. Confirmed prices are subject to commodity price and currency fluctuations. Changes in these variables may be adapted on delivery by the supplier.


  1. Packaging is charged at cost price.


  1. The supplier arranges, on behalf of the client, insurance for a delivery only if it is specially agreed. The supplier is not responsible for eventual damage which occurs during transport.


  1. If delivered goods are found to be defective, which the supplier is responsible for, the supplier is obliged to, considering the circumstance and within a reasonable time, take back, replace, repair or re-design the rejected good(s), provided that the client, within 20 days of receiving the good(s), informs about the defect(s). Otherwise, the supplier has no additional obligation to pay compensation or damages for direct or indirect losses that may arise for the client.


  1. Disputes arising from the agreement and these terms set forth, as well as disputes concerning initial and present rights within the context of this agreement, are to be settled by arbitration in accordance with applicable law.


  1. The agreed purchase price does not include VAT, unless this has been agreed in writing. Due to a governmental decision or other decision resulting in a higher tax be paid than that which was charged, the supplier has the right to charge this retroactively.