Other Packaging

SafeSack supplies several different packaging solutions. Below are some examples

Stretch film and Hoods

We supply most types of stretch film and hoods. We normally have standard size of stretch film in stock. Please contact us for prices and availability.

Paper bags

Paper bags are a good environmental alternative, breathable and with moisture-absorbing properties which can be an advantage for some products.

Thanks to the natural friction of paper bags, they are often easy to stack on pallets and are stable during transport. We supply all types of paper bags. Phone us for more information.

PP small bags

PP Sacks (woven polypropylene) are an affordable and flexible packaging that is suitable for many purposes.

We have several standard sizes in stock that enable us to deliver small volumes. Phone us and tell us what you need.


PP Carry bags

Carry bags for single use are disappearing and heavy-duty returnable bags which have a considerably longer life are becoming increasingly common.

A good environmental alternative. We supply several different designs, available with multi-colour printing.

For more information about our products above, please call us at  +46 435 74 84 40